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Service before order:

1. The buyer's questions or demands with be reply within 24 hours.

2. OEM&ODM service: we have advanced and professional R&D team.

3. Can Technical support  to meet customers' new demands

4. 3 years warranty to help customer make sales stably.

Service of aftersales:

1. Warranty description


 1. This warranty is limited to normal use. It is invalid if damage has resulted from accident, dismantle and abuse. For abnormal use, buyer should pay for repairing.

 2. When shipping, lamps which are damaged could be repaired or replaced with new lamps free of charge, only if the damage is more than 1%.

 3. If exceeding 5% of the total lamps have quality problem under normal use within one year after its sale, defective lamps with non man-made factors can be repaired or replaced with new lamps free of charge. Buyer should provide proofs.


2. Replace policy


 1. Evidences of the damage or lamps with quality issue should be provided by buyer within two weeks.

 2. If the defective products need to be replaced urgently, the buyer should pay the shipping cost for the goods. Or, Seller will compensate the corresponding quantity to buyer with no charge in the next order.

 3. Replacement will be charged with any cost if the lamps are out of warranty period. 

Welcome to contact us at anytime if you have questions or inquiry. details will be sent soon. thank you...