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Heat pipe LED High Bay Light-05 (60W~200W)

Heat pipe LED High Bay Light-05 (60W~200W)

Heat pipe LED High Bay Light-05 (60W~200W) Heat pipe LED High Bay Light-05 (60W~200W) Heat pipe LED High Bay Light-05 (60W~200W) Heat pipe LED High Bay Light-05 (60W~200W)
Product name : Heat pipe LED High Bay Light-05 (60W~200W)
Item : VP-HBL60W~200W-05
Details :

  • Pure Copper heat pipes 
  • 25° 60° 90° 100° 110° totally six size of the scale-type reflector
  • PHILIPS 3030 as light source
  • Low weight, but excellent heat sink
  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 90%,  

LED high-bay lights are the ideal answer for factories, stockrooms, supermarkets, gyms, gas stations, warehouses, and other places that may need lighting.

Our high-bay lights stand out with distinguished, simple style and use powerful PHILIPS 3030 chips for achieving high efficiency and elegant, satisfying lighting. And IP65 rating guarantees that these lights are waterproof and can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

  • Pure Copper heat pipes directly touch the heat source which would quickly transfer heat to the heatsink with the heat transfer rate over 200 times of the aluminum radiator
  • Different sizes reflector option,25°60°90°100°110°totally six size of the scale-type reflector which could effectively improves the lighting efficiency
  • Four easy installation methods
  • PHILIPS 3030 as light source, high efficiency and 80-90Ra
  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 90%, almost free of maintenance
  • No RF obstruction
  • Lightweight aluminum lighting housing
  • Saving up to 70% energy savings compared to traditional lamps
  • Environmentally friendly: no lead, mercury, or other contaminants
  • Integrated designed heat sink improves heat dissipation efficiency
  • Longer lifespan: up to 80,000 hours of low time luminance decrease
  • Electrical engineering friendly
  • Elegantly completed aluminum reflector, high-efficiency heat sink, and hanging hook
  • Strong state construction makes our lights able to bear high shock and vibration

  • Factory lighting
  • Stockroom lighting
  • Assembly lighting
  • Big box retail lighting
  • Recreation center lighting
  • Gas station lighting
  • Corner stores and covering lighting
  • Supermarket lighting
  • Grocery store lighting
  • Space style business locales lighting
  • Spectator lighting
  • Learning environment lighting
  • Building lighting for coverings and passages
  • Innovative, semiconductor, and medicinal assembly offices

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