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LED Flood Light-Ultra Slim Series

LED Flood Light-Ultra Slim Series

LED Flood Light-Ultra Slim Series
Product name : LED Flood Light-Ultra Slim Series
Item : VP-FL150W-03
Details :

Product Model VP-FL150W-03
Rated Power 150W Lamp Sizemm 431*330*54
Input Voltage  AC85-265V CTN Size(mm) 510*430*135
Luminous Flux(Lm) 16500-18000 Gross weight 6.8 KG
LED Package Type Philips 3030 150PCS Protection Grade IP65
Color Temperature 2700~7000K Warranty 3 years

VP-FL Ultra Slim Series LED Flood Lights Waterproof IP65 For Commercial Lighting Designed as efficient, energy-saving replacements for metal halide and high-pressure sodium flood lighting fixtures, LED Flood Lights have a long life of 50,000 hoursand operate on electrical systems ranging from 85 to 277 volts. Available in 10-and 20-and 30-and 50- and 70- and 100- and 150-and 200-watt version, this series of Flood Lights is designed with a integral driver, and replace up to 100-,250-, 320- and 400-watt metal halide fixtures.
Our flood light is highly efficient and energy saving, can replacing metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting fixtures.

  1. The third generation of flood light heat sink
  2. Ultra Slim sleek design, stylish and classic. Full range from 10W to 200W
  3. Reflector and heat sink integrated
  4. Innovative G-buckle technology, prevent glass off, free of screw fixing, elegant appearance, easy for assembling
  5. PHILIPS 3030 as lighting source, High CRI above 80Ra, over 100 lm/W
  6. Health: Won’t cause eyes fatigue and protect our eyes from hurting
  7. Safety: No pollution substance, such as mercury and lead
  8. Color rendering: have already achieved a warm cool, cold white light that ranges>80 on the color rendering index(CRI)
  9. Color temperature: From 2700k-7000k, Customers can choose according to their requirements
  10. Quality guarantee: High power factor, constant voltage power supply and constant flux
  11. Installation: Can be installed in any orientation without restrictions

  • Scene lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Parking garage lighting
  • Banner/ flagpoles lighting
  • Modern and business outdoor lighting
  • Building lighting for shelters, halls, passages, windows
  • Decorative  lighting for holiday, trade-shows, exhibitions
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